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Welcome to our website. Here you will find suppliers of the modern ceiling fan and best pricing on contemporary ceiling fans. Featured will be ceiling fans from Fanimation, Minka, Monte Carlo and more all with their most unique ceiling fans.

The modern ceiling fan design is what everyone seems to be looking for these days.  Ceiling fans have been around for many years and only up until recently have their designs started to change.  If you are in the market for a ceiling fan no longer do you have to settle for the look of a traditional, old fashioned,  clunky-looking fan.  Many fan companies today are recognizing that customers want a new and more unique look for their ceiling fan.

Here at the Modern Ceiling Fan Store we will provide for you all the latest designs the major brand manufacturers have to offer.  We will also help you with best pricing strategies when you get ready to buy.

The modern ceiling fan is stylish and contemporary with bold colors and finishes.  It's lines and look are geometrically free flowing and attention getting, much different from earlier counterparts.  It has curves and shapes where before were thought not even possible without sacrificing performance. Some are works of art, some enhance the architecture and ambience of a room and others become a stunning center piece.  While exciting and pleasing to view these new modern ceiling fans have not lost any of their comforting functionality.

The modern Ceiling Fan can be very beneficial in the home and help regulate temperatures at a very reasonable cost.  They can help circulate air and keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  It has been proven scientifically that the air movement that is caused by a modern ceiling fan can help reduce energy consumption and actually save the homeowner money.  As air circulates throughout a room where there is a ceiling fan the cooling effect allows the home air conditioner to be adjusted upward by as much as 5-8 degrees.  That can be a real dollars and sense saver.

It is important to point out that ceiling fans do not actual cool or refrigerate the air.   They are not cooling devices.  What happens as the fan blades rotate and circulate the air is a cooling effect similar to what the weatherman calls “wind chill”. The Ceiling fan is creating a wind chill effect through the breeze it creates.  This in turn pulls heat and perspiration away from your body, causing tour body temperature to lower and ultimately making the room feel cooler.  Even though the room may be a certain temperature the circulating air makes it feel as if it were 5-8 degrees cooler.

The major companies that manufacture the most unique and popular modern ceiling fans today include:  Minka, Fanimation, Monte Carlo and Hampton Bay.

Minka is in the business of air management and they make it beautiful.  Minka ceiling Fans are a fusion of form, function and design with styles ranging from classic to contemporary, for every décor and every budget.

Fanimation is considered the innovation and creative trendsetter in the modern ceiling fan industry.  With a collection of 31 designs and the ability to customize the look they offer is almost limitless.

Monte Carlo specializes in modern ceiling fans that are “trend inspired and fashion forward.”  Designers love the Monte Carlo ceiling fans and they are not to be missed when looking over fan designs.

Hampton Ceiling Fans is actually the store brand for Home Depot.  They have been included here for the more price conscious shopper who wants to stretch their dollar.


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